Walk into Sundancer Stained Glass Studio and you’ll likely see several projects going on at the same time. Deb likes to keep busy and that may mean juggling several projects at the same time throughout the day.

You may see her at the torch, forming and shaping a glass bead on a mandrel while in her kiln an 8” sushi plate will be in the final stages of fusing.

On one of her three 8 foot work benches it’s not uncommon to see a custom window being built for a client or glass that needs to be cut and installed in kitchen cabinet doors. Stop in on any given evening and morning and you’ll likely see a class in progress with some very enthusiastic and creative students.

Browse the dazzling gallery of distinct handmade stained glass gifts which include window panels, lamps, fused plates, glass beads and much more.

Sundancer Stained Glass offers an extensive supply of glass which includes Spectrum, Bullseye, Armstrong, Wissmach, Kokomo, Youghiogeny, Uroboros, St. Just, and German Antique. Our fusing center includes both COE 90 and 96.

Consultations are by appointment only. Please call 207-284-7640 to schedule an appointment.

The studio is no longer doing classes or selling retail. New branding is commissions, repairs, restorations and kitchen cabinet inserts


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