STAINED GLASS 5-WEEK COURSE – All levels of expertise! Beginning January 9th, 2019  through February 6th, 2019 
Create your own masterpiece in glass. We provide the venue and professional instruction and you provide the enthusiasm.

This class is for all levels of expertise – from beginners up to expert.  We love the diverse variety and end up taking away much more from our classes.

For Beginners, you’ll learn how to score glass with ease, grind your piece, foil it and then proceed to creating your very own work of art. The 5 week class is $75 and includes studio time, patterns, & all chemicals. Materials extra.  Beginners will have one of 5 projects to choose from. A tool rental charge of $5 will apply each week. A full refund of this charge will be credited towards your purchase of complete set of cutting/separating tools and/or soldering iron through Sundancer Stained Glass.

Join us on Wednesday Evenings from 6:00pm – 8:30pm starting January 9 and ending February 6.

Friday and Saturday mornings are ongoing! (see below for more information on morning classes)

Please register by calling (284-7640) or emailing the studio

The price of the 5 week class is only $75.00.

For the  Intermediate and Experienced – these are your designer classes.  Please bring your own tools or you can rent them here for $5.  If you’ve done stained glass before feel free to choose your own project.  If you’ve done fusing before, feel free to put together your own fused glass project. If you’re choosing a pattern that needs to be enlarged please make sure you do that before your first class.
The evening class must have a minimum of 5 people signed up.  The other morning classes are much more flexible and no minimum required.

If you are taking classes on Friday or Saturday, the times are – Any Friday/Saturday from 9am -11:30am. Please contact Sundancer for more information or to register for a class. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY BY MAILING OR BRINGING IN YOUR CHECK TO SECURE YOUR SPACE!

Stained Glass Classes, Saco Maine       Stained Glass Classes, Saco Maine       Stained Glass Classes, Saco Maine

Walk-ins are welcome during our Open Studio hours on Friday and (some) Saturday mornings. Do you have a project you’d like to start but don’t have the space at home? Do you need some help with a project? Do you want to just get away from the house and have a little “you” time? Open Studio is for all levels of expertise and everyone is offered help if needed.

Try our morning Open Studio on Friday and/or Saturday mornings from 9:00am – 1:00pm. Come play all 4 hours or as little as 2 hours. Minimum charge for Open Studio is $17 for up to 2 hours of studio time. After that, pay only $8 per hour up to the 4th hour ending at 1:00pm.

Are you a beginner?? You can take advantage of this as well. More instructor time will be given to you as you learn how to successfully score glass, learn how to grind your pieces and wrap each piece with foil.

*Some upcoming workshops will be scheduled during Saturday Open Studio, so please call ahead to be sure of available times and space.

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of stained glass but not sure whether you’d like it or maybe think your hand isn’t steady enough or eyes can focus well enough? Well, we’ve got the class for you. In this 3 hour quick moving class, we teach you how to score glass, grind, foil, solder and clean.

You’ll learn all the basics to this very fun artform and get to take your piece home the very same day. Many are blown away by the ease of creating their very own little masterpiece. Let us show you how it’s done.

You may even become so obsessed you’ll sign up for that 5 week course that before you were unsure of. $40 all inclusive. This class is scheduled by interest, and is generally held in an Open Studio class.

  Craft Classes Stained Glass Saco Maine       ducks       Sundancer Stained Glass Studio, Saco Maine


This class is designed for all levels but focuses on the beginner. Fusing is the process of layering and melting glass in a kiln using specialized fusing glass which includes noodles, stringers, frit and other decorative add-ons to make a piece that is uniquely yours. In this 2 1/2 hour course, you may design your own plate, coasters or trivets (at instructor’s choice).  Prerequisite is prior knowledge of glass cutting. This class can be held in Open Studio class or if there’s room, any evening class.

Cost of class is $110 for the 2 1/2 hour class, all of your materials included (exception is dichroic glass) and one firing charge @$25- If another firing is needed, cost is $20.
Your masterpiece in glass will be ready to take home in 3-5 business days.

LAMPWORKING (aka Beadmaking):
In this 4 hour class you’ll learn the basics of winding glass onto a mandrel and forming a bead. You’ll learn how to pull stringers and apply these to the bead as decorations. As time allows in this class, I’ll be demonstrating different bead shapes and different ways of adorning the bead. Very fun and quick paced class.  All materials and tools are included, including dichroic, silver and gold.

This class is now offered only as a Private Session.   In the private session you can tailor the class to your specific interest in bead styles & technique.
Private Session will cost $180 per person

You will need to purchase your own MAPP gas for the class.  The private session will be taught using both the oxy/propane torch and the mapp gas.

This class is scheduled by interest and not a regularly scheduled class. This class is generally held on a weekday mornings from 9am – 1pm.

Is soldering getting you hot under the collar? If so, come take this soldering workshop for cool tips and techniques to perfect your skills. You will learn how to diagnose and correct typical problems that arise while soldering. I will also touch on decorative soldering techniques. Bring a minimum of 8 pieces of glass (no larger than 1 1/2 x 8″) foiled and ready to solder.

Bring your soldering iron, rheostat, solder, flux, and flux brush that you usually use so that I can troubleshoot any equipment problems. Class will be held during any Open Studio on Friday and Saturday starting at 9:00am through 11:00am.

Cost is $35.00. Please call ahead to be sure of available times and space.